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Gettin’ To Know Me

My friends call me The Arkitech, so lets start there. My favorite place in the world is right outside Callahan,FL before Jacksonville, FL. You know it as Dinsmore, but the residents know it as The BFG. I love helping people, I don’t know how many times i’ve stopped to change a tire, even in good clothes and it gives the same enjoyment no matter each and every time. The same feeling i have writing this, pure joy, butterfly in the gut feeling.

I want to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for coming and looking around, if you buy i sincerely THANK YOU again!!

It’s different from other websites because I will stay giving you the best price and the fastest shipping I can. While adding new items daily. Whether its a new supplier for masks to give you more designs to choose or if its the latest gadgets i assure you your getting the best deal i can provide.

With that being said, let me get back to sourcing more suppliers!!!

Hi there! Ever been in the line at the grocery store and someone started coughing? I’m talking about this day in time? Wish there was something…

…But there is:

I always have a fresh filter in my mask and so should you so don’t forget them in your cart before you check out.

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