Black Lives Matter Tube *other options

Black Lives Matter Tube *other options


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Black Lives Matter Tube

1 This scarf is made of high quality breathable microfiber polyester fabric, with the characteristics of super elastic and breathable, soft and comfortable, moisture absorption and quick drying.
2 Adopt advanced printing technology, bright colors, vivid and rich patterns, wash will not fade.
3 Reuseable, fahsionable and can be worn in different kinds of weather.
4 Comfortable fabric has the function of softness, high elasticity, moisture absorption and sweating.
5 The scarf is made of seamless technology with strong elasticity and durability, no pressure points and no headaches.
6 Tubular textile technology has high density, no deformation and no fading. It can be machine washable, no color fading, no deformation, no microfiber reduction, no ironing. No smell, no harmful elements to human body.
7 It can be used as a headscarf, scarf, headband, hat, balaclava face mask, wrist guard, chest wrap.
8 Widely used in running, hiking, mountain climbing, rock climbing, skiing, tennis, motorcycles, bicycles, outreach training and other outdoor sports.

Material: polyester fiber
Features: high elasticity, light and breathable, insect-proof, soft
Size: 25 * 50cm
Suitable for mountaineering, skiing, cycling, hiking, camping, etc.

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